Current Leader: Shadow

Current Deputy: Chain

Warriors: 7

Apprentices: 4

Elders: 2

Members: 16

Deputies: Claw, Icess, Scourge, Shadow, Chain

Leaders: Claw, Icess, Scourge, Shadow

Founders: Me

Creator: Epicbloodytomboy649


Claw was the first leader of Darkpack and his deputy was Icess. Icess later became leader and her deputy was Shimmer but Shimmer died of rabies so her new deputy was Scourge. Scourge became leader and his deputy was Shadow, the current leader. Shadow became leader and his deputy was Chain.


Darkpack was a pack that was formed by a rogue named Claw. Other loners began to join his newly formed pack and they were cruel and bloodthirsty. Many other pack wolves think that Darkpack doesn't even deserve the suffix -pack.


(Deputy) Chain: Silver and gray she-wolf with a long black stripe on her back and green eyes.

Amber: Golden she-wolf with four white paws and a white chest and golden eyes.

Misty: Gray bloodthirsty male wolf with a crooked tail and twisted paw with brown eyes.

Blood: Black male wolf with a huge scar on his hip and tail and amber eyes.

Ice: White she-wolf with bright blue eyes and a black swirl on her tail.

Spike: Menacing black and white wolf with dark blue eyes.

Henry: Brown male wolf with tan triangles on his back and bright green eyes.


Copper: Copper she-wolf with white tail tip and blue eyes.

Whitey: Pure white wolf with dark brown eyes and a splayed paw.

Fangs: Black male wolf with sharp fangs and light blue eyes.

Poison: Gray wolf with peircing and unusual yellow eyes.


Rag: Ragged gray male wolf with dirty language and brown eyes.

Sally: Brown she-wolf with white chest and black rings around her green eyes.


Darkpack lives in a wet and dirty swamp. The soil is mushy and very gooey and the water is green with foul oil mixed in it. Prey is usually dead in their territory so other pack wolves call them scavengers, not hunters.


Darkpack's rivals are Firepack and Junglepack.