Current Leader: Sunstar

Current Deputy: Redpelt

Members: 16

Warriors: 9

Kits: 3

Apprentices: 3

Elders: 1

Deputies: Shimmerpelt, Thorntooth, Lionmane,Sunfur, Redpelt

Current Medicine Wolf: Flash

Creator: Epicbloodytomboy649

Founders: Me


The first leader was Firestar and his deputy was Shimmerpelt. Shimmerpelt became Shimmerstar and her deputy was Thorntooth. Thorntooth later became Thornstar and his deputy was Coldflower. Coldflower died of diabetes so his new deputy was Lionmane.

Lionmane became Lionstar and his deputy was Sunfur. Sunfur became the current leader renamed Sunstar. His deputy is Redpelt who will later be known as Redstar.


(Deputy) Redpelt- Red fluffy wolf with darker red stripes on his tail.

Flowerface- Silver and gray wolf with flower shaped markings on her face.

Rottenpelt- Brown wolf with crispy, ragged, and crunchy fur with a short tail.

Blackjaw- White male wolf with black spots on his body and a black jaw.

Holly- Black female wolf with green eyes and a long tail.

Goldenpelt- Golden male wolf with aussie copper marks on his body.

Wetfoot- Silver female wolf with white paws.

Longfur- Tan female wolf with copper chest and very long fur.

Shadestripe- Tan male wolf with black stripes on his body.


Darkpaw- Gray male wolf with jet black front paws.

Coldpaw- White female wolf with light blue eyes.

Flamepaw- Orange male wolf with dark orange flaming marked paws.


Raggedfur- Ragged male wolf with a tiger-like design.


Firepack wolves live in a rich and dense forest that is filled with plenty of prey. The trees are oak, pine, fir, and birch trees. Rarely, evergreens grow in the rich soil. Worms dig around in the soil and it bugs the wolves very much.


Junglepack and Wildpack are Firepack's known rivals. Wildpack and Junglepack are cruel and bloodthirsty which is why Firepack hates them so much.