Clan InfoEdit

Members: 18

Warriors: 9

Apprentices: 4

Elders: 3

Current Leader: Leafstar

Current Medicine Wolf: Adderfang

Current Deputy: Leopardspot

Founders: Me

Creator: Epicbloodytomboy649


Foxleap- Orange male wolf with a white muzzle and white front paws.

Cobra- Black and menacing she-wolf with piercing green eyes and grey circles on her eyes.

Pinetail- Tan she-wolf with long, fluffy tail and leaf marks on her fur.

Cloudpelt- White male wolf with blue eyes and a very fluffy cloud-like pelt.

Tigerclaw- Dark brown male wolf with yellow eyes and claws like a tiger.

(Deputy)Leopardspot- Tan male wolf with black spots and a black tail tip.

Junglewood- Brown and white she-wolf with very short fur.

Stumptail- Orange-ish male wolf with a tail that was cut off by a fox trap.

Dirtfur- Brown fur that is the color of dirt and huge amber eyes that glow.


Birdpaw- Silver she-wolf with a long furred pelt and a light silver muzzle.

Thornpaw- Tan and yellow male wolf with thorn-sharp claws and a black tail tip.

Amberpaw- Amber colored she-wolf with blue eyes and dark brown stripes on her whole body.

Blackpaw- Gray male wolf with four black paws and a darker gray tail tip.


Yellowtooth- Copper she-wolf with yellow and dirty teeth with sarcastic yellow eyes.

Poison- Black and white male wolf with green eyes and gray triange shapes on his back.

Marmalade- Yellow she-wolf who was formally a house-dog until she escaped to live with the packs.

Henry- Brown male wolf with black stripes on his body and face except his tai.


Junglepack lives in a lush area with plenty of jungle trees and flowers. Exotic plants grow in their territory and rabbits, birds, foxes, insects, and mice live near this area which supports them plenty of prey. The soil is rich and soft and it frequently rains there.


Junglepack's rivals are Firepack and Stormpack.