Current Leader: Flashstar

Current Deputy: Irontooth

Members: 14

Warriors: 10

Apprentices: 1

Elders: 1

Founders: Admin (Me)

Creator: Epicbloodytomboy649

Leaders: Frozen, Swirlstar, Horsetail, Scruffs, Flashstar

Deputies: Frozen, Swirlstar, Yellowfang, Horsetail, Scruffs, Flashstar, Irontooth


Frozen was the first leader of Lightningpack and his deputy was Swirlstripe. Swirlstripe became Swirlstar and her deputy was Yellowfang. Sadly, Yellowfang died of diabetes and her new deputy was Horsetail. Horsetail was made leader and her deputy was Scruffs. Scruffs became leader and his deputy was Flash. Flash became Flashstar and his current deputy is Irontooth.


Bull- Gray and wolf silver wolf with black tail tip and a menacing face.

Rose- Black she-wolf with silver spots on her fur and a swirl on her tail.

Swiftpaw- Black male wolf with white chest and paws.

Flowerheart- Copper and white she-wolfwolf with black spots and white stripes.

Irontooth (Deputy)- Gray male wolf with unsusal sharp teeth and huge claws.

Dawn- Yellow she-wolf with dark yellow swirl on her arms.

Skytail- Brown she-wolf with a cloud-shaped white tail tip.

Goldy- Golden male wolf with one white paw and amber eyes.

Laserlight- Black she-wolf with yellow eyes and a streak of tan on her face.

Runner- Silver and brown male wolf with black stripes and light pink eyes.


Spottypaw- Black she-wolf with pure white spots and yellow eyes.


Orangefur- Scruffy orange-like male wolf with pure dark brown eyes.


Lightningpack lives a mild weathered territory with pine and fur trees. The grass is short and stocky which they think is perfect for running on. Trees grow acorns and fruit frequently while the bushes only grow hard leaves.


Unsusally, this pack doesn't have any rivals.