Just so you know, I will block anybody who is breaking the rules. Blocking is very simple indeed and if you have never been an admin of a wiki, then you probably think blocking is a very complex process. It is easy and fast with a click of a mouse. I am creating this blog to notify people about blocking them. It depends on what you did. For example, if you cussed in a chat or a fanfiction or story, you get blocked for 4 days.

Here are the lengths of the block with actions of bad behvaior.

Cussing= 4 days

Disrespect= 1 week

Harassing me= 1 month

Spam= 6 days

Pages that barely have anything to do with wolves= 4 hours

So there you have it. The blocking times and lengths. Be sure to follow the laws of this wikia or face a block!