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Wolf Fanon Wiki is a Warriorcats-like wiki where you can create packs such as Firepack or Shadowpack. If you have read Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, you will understand this wiki well. First off, if you need a picture of your wolf either find lineart on or find a pic of a real wolf on google images. I created this wiki on June 6th, 2013, so I won't the four packs so quickly if you are reading this on June 7th. You may also make stories or fanfictions.

You may create role playing packs and the packs I make are role players. Now, if you are a newbie at this wiki, please read the rules below.




Rule 1: Do not use other user's pics on your wolf character.

Rule 2: Please put the packs name after the wolf character's name if you're making a wolf member.

For example, if you do Redpelt you should instead do Redpelt Firepack.

Rule 3: Please remember viewers of all ages are reading this so no inappropite (You know how to spell)


Rule 4: Don't use photos from other wikis or they will threaten you.

Rule 5: No spamming on your stories or pages.

Rule 6: Don't be disrespectful in RP's and comments.

Creating ArticlesEdit

When you create an article, don't use any cuss words. You may make warriors, apprentices, queens, kits, loners and finally rogues. If you are creating a pack, you must list all the members but organize them. Explain the territory and the pack's rivals. PLus, don't use other user's packs unless you have asked them permission and they say yes you can.

Fanfictions and stories can be divided into chapters so you won't have to write the story in one whole day. In order to divide stories, the title must be Redpelt's Omen Chapter 1.

Latest ActivityEdit

  • new page Oreo
    created by Razor Seawing
    New page: Oreo is a black wolf with white underbelly. She has blue eyes, and is two years old. She belongs to LightningPack. Oreo has a sarcastic personality....
  • new page Yew Berries (Poisonberries)
    created by Epicbloodytomboy649
    New page: Contents 1 Info 2 Appearance 3 Wolves who died from Yewberries 4 Mistakes InfoEdit Yew berries otherwise known as Poisonberries to wolves, are...
    Summary: Berries.
    Added photo:
  • new page Lightningpack
    created by Epicbloodytomboy649
    New page: Contents 1 Info 2 Leaders 3 Warriors 4 Apprentices 5 Elders 6 Territory 7 Rivals InfoEdit Current Leader: Flashstar Current Deputy: Irontooth...
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    Added categories: Wolf-Related, Wolf Packs, Wolf packs, Browse, Wolves
  • new page Darkpack
    created by Epicbloodytomboy649
    New page: Contents 1 Info 2 Leaders 3 History 4 WArriors 5 Apprentices 6 Elders 7 Territory 8 Rivals 9 NOTES InfoEdit Current Leader: Shadow Current Deputy:...
    Summary: 3rd Basic pack for RP.

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    New page: Contents 1 Clan Info 2 Warriors 3 Apprentices 4 Elders 5 Territory 6 Rivals 7 End Clan InfoEdit Members: 18 Warriors: 9 Apprentices: 4 Elders: 3...
    Summary: Another roleplay pack.
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